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Armstrong Cooper Youth Basketball Policies

COVID-19 Readiness Plan

By-Laws and Policies

Parent's Code of Behavior

1. I will behave with sportsmanship, demonstrating positive support for all players, coaches and officials at every game, practice or event.  I will support my child and teammates during a game with encouragement, leaving instruction to the coaches.  I will require my child to treat other players, coaches, fans and officials with respect at all times.

2. I support and will explain to my child the “3 strikes – you’re out” policy that all players/parents are subject to.  (The policy says that disrespectful behavior by players or parents to teammates, coaches, opponents, parents, fans, officials, etc., will not be tolerated.  Upon the 1st and 2nd occurrence, the violator will be suspended from games and practices for 2 weeks.  Upon the 3rd occurrence, the violator will be permanently suspended from the team and the program for this year and future years.)

3. I will support the association “playing time” policy of guaranteeing each traveling player 1/3 of each game over the course of the season and each house player ½ of each game (subject to playing time reductions for absences or behavior problems).