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Shooting Challenge

The Armstrong Summer Shooting Challenge is a summer program designed to challenge our players to practice excellent shooting form and to improve that shooting form by shooting a lot of shots during the off-season. 

The Armstrong Summer Shooting Challenge is voluntary and designed to practice during the off-season to improve shooting form, ball handling, strength & conditioning & CONFIDENCE!

"It's a CONFIDENCE that's built on the foundation of work and the reps I put in." - Steph Curry

The Challenge!

  1. Shoot Often! The goal is achievable if you shoot about 100 shots per day - which should only take about 30 minutes! If you miss a day, just make up the shots throughout the week.
  2. Focus on Form! Take the time this summer to focus on perfecting your form. You will play how you practice, so make your time and energy count!
  3. Shoot Free Throws! Shoot free throws in between reps when you're tired; take your time, find your routine, and go! If you're playing in your driveway, mark off the line - Grades 3 & 4 shoot at 12 feet and grades 5-8 shoot at 15 feet.
  4. Have Fun & Go Hard! This should be fun way to maintaing and improve your skills over the summer. Go full speed and use fakes & drives. Shoot from a variety of spots and shoot off movement - just like in a game. Take shots that you'll take in a game (pull up jumpers, post moves, catch & release, breakaway layups, etc.)
  5. Develop a Shooters Mentality! Believe every shot is going to go in! Keep shooting and don't overthink the results!

The goal is to ATTEMPT and RECORD 10,000 or more shots from June 1 to September.  

In order to do this You will need to:

(1) Record Daily Shots

Daily shots should be recorded on this document.  Feel free to print for your kids to write down their shots. To view a sample of a completed log, click here

Daily Shot Tracker Sheet

Print or Make a Copy and Fill Out Electronically


(2) Submit Monthly

Submit your shots on a monthly basis June - October using the below form on this webpage! We will need a picture of your Daily Tracker attached to this form!

Monthly Progress Tracker

Update your player's progress each month